Amuni Financial, Inc. is a full-service investment firm. We offer our clients the ability to choose between Brokerage and Advisory accounts. The difference between these two accounts boils down to the way that clients want to interact with their financial professional, and how they want to pay for the services provided.In a nutshell: with a Brokerage account, your financial professional must make suitable investment recommendations based on your investment objectives, risk profile, and a number of other factors. Generally, your financial professional earns compensation when you make a trade, such as buying a municipal bond or selling an ETF. This is sometimes referred to as a transaction-based relationship.

On the other hand, in an Advisory account your financial professional is a fiduciary, legally bound to act in your best interest when providing investment advice. For this service, Amuni Financial charges a fee based on a percentage of the assets in the account. This is often called a fee-based relationship.

(Other fees or charges may be applicable for both accounts; please see our website for more information.)

More things to understand:

  • In a Brokerage account, advice is typically given at the time of trade. In an Advisory account, advice and monitoring occur on an ongoing basis.
  • Advisory accounts attempt to avoid conflicts of interest, and disclose those which cannot be avoided.
  • In a Brokerage account, the more you trade, the more fees you owe. In an Advisory account, trading costs are included in an overall “wrap” fee.

In other words, if you are someone with a “buy and hold” investment strategy and have a limited need for monitoring and advice, then a Brokerage account may be a good fit for you. However, if you’d like ongoing advice and monitoring provided by an advisor acting in your best interest, then an Advisory account may be a better choice.

This is just a general overview. To learn more, talk to an account specialist today.

Amuni Financial, Inc. is a Broker-Dealer and Registered Investment Advisor. Member FINRA/SIPC. Please see our website for the states in which we’re registered to do business.