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Brokerage & Advisory Services

Brokerage & Advisory Services

For nearly four decades, we have offered our clients a wide variety of investment solutions. As a full-service independent Broker-Dealer and registered investment advisor, we are not limited to a selection of proprietary products. We continually work with our team and industry partners to provide our clients the highest quality investment advice and products.

We’ll work with you to build a portfolio that takes into account your individual investment goals, risk tolerance and time horizon. We give you the flexibility to build your portfolio with a broad range of investment choices including bonds, stocks, mutual funds, ETFs, UITs and insurance products.

Ever wonder why some advisors only offer fee-based advisory accounts and others only commission-based brokerage accounts? As a dually registered Broker Dealer and registered investment advisor, Amuni Financial can help you decide what products make sense for your unique situations. Many times buy and hold investments can make more sense in a traditional brokerage account and may end up saving you thousands of dollars in fees over the life of your investments. Other times, a professionally managed advisory account can give you the peace of mind you’re looking for knowing that your account is constantly being monitored, evaluated, and rebalanced if necessary.

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Individual Fixed Income Securities

We believe that individual fixed income securities can be a very powerful piece of an investment portfolio. Your Amuni Financial advisor will draw upon decades of experience  to find individual securities that may fit your investment needs.

Advisory Services

We use a step-by-step approach starting with understanding and defining your investment objective and then creating a personalized investment strategy.