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Institutional Sales & Trading

Institutional Sales & Trading

Amuni Financial is a principal-based municipal and corporate bond market maker specializing in odd-lot transactions. Our goal is to help our partners make intelligent fixed income decisions by providing informative market commentary and reliable fixed income strategies to those in need of additional expertise.

We are actively engaged in making two-sided markets in thousands of individual credits. Alongside numerous trading partners, we provide real-time bid and offer side market liquidity to hundreds of trading partners across the country.

Our fixed income trading desk works as a team of experienced traders to provide access to our inventory of bonds while having access to the major ATS marketplaces.

The fixed income marketplace has changed dramatically over time and with increased volatility, regulation, and technological disruption comes an increased burden of responsibility on brokers and financial advisors. No matter how many municipal or corporate fixed income transactions you make per year, we can guide you through the process with confidence and are always available to answer your questions.

Please contact our trading desk for more information at 800-868-6864 or