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Public Finance & Underwriting

Public Finance & Underwriting

At Amuni Financial we structure and market tax-exempt and taxable bond issues, providing affordable debt financing for municipalities, public institutions, private companies, and nonprofit organizations. Our firm, alongside some of the industry’s most experienced professionals, matches the needs of the borrower with the requirements of the marketplace.

Depending on market conditions, we may distribute bonds to individual investors or place the bonds privately with financial institutions. Our experience in using both approaches helps ensure the timely and successful completion of each underwriting.

In addition to underwriting for the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences facilities and other major educational projects, we’ve underwritten numerous housing, healthcare, municipal services, and industry ventures. Every underwriting transaction receives meticulous attention to assure client satisfaction.

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To learn more about some of our past projects and major successes, please contact our Public Finance Department for any additional information at 800-868-6864 or